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URAL State Medical University


300.     Russian Federation.    URAL State Medical University


Ural state medical University. It belongs to the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. Trains doctors and pharmacists with higher education. The University has more than 70 departments. It consists of faculties: "Medical and preventive", "Pediatric", "Dental", "Medical and preventive", "Pharmaceutical", "Psychological and social work and VSO", "Advanced training and professional retraining". Additionally: Residency; Doctorate; Post-Graduate; Master's Degree.
The teaching staff of Ural state medical University consists of highly qualified specialists, including corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and RAMS, 20 academicians and corresponding members of public academies, honored scientists, more than 50 honored doctors and state prize winners.
The bed Fund used by clinical departments is about 10 thousand beds. The University has 5 student dormitories with 1,750 places for students in need of housing.

Entrance exams 2020

The admission campaign will start on June 20, 2020 and will last until August 15, 2020. Entrance tests for foreigners: chemistry and biology. A passing score on the

chemistry of 50 points

biology and 50 points

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