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TYUMEN State Medical University


298.     Russian Federation.    Tyumen State Medical University

Only one company accredited by TYUMEN State Medical University. No company other than us is allowed to select students in India. We have exclusive rights to represent TYUMEN State Medical University in India.

केपाटनका छात्र नामा - रूस में कोरोना वैक्सीन ऑर्गेनाइजेशन टीम में शामिल


Entrance exams 2021

The campaign for the admission of students for the 1st year will start from June 20, 2021 and will last until August 15, 2021. Introductory trials for foreigners:

Chemistry and biology. A passing score on the

Chemistry 40

Biology 45

SINCE 2019 TYUMEN State Medical University is studying citizens of India

   Tyumen state medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Russia. The University trains highly qualified medical personnel in the specialties "Medical care", "Pediatrics"," pharmacy"," Dentistry "and" Nursing " (bachelor's degree).
   About 6 thousand people are trained in 56 medical specialties in the course of additional professional education programs during the academic year.
   Training in the internship is carried out in 29 specialties, in the residency-in 35 specialties. The University's structural divisions include a scientific library, a multidisciplinary clinic, a center for mastering practical skills, a center for simulation training, a center for information technology in education, an Institute for continuous professional development, a center for monitoring and quality of education, a Museum of anatomy and history, and a publishing center.
The University has three dormitories of different comfort levels.
   Tyumen state medical University is integrated into the international higher school and medical science. International activities at Tyumen Medical University are conducted in the following areas: exchange programs for students, postgraduates and faculty members, joint participation in international educational and research projects, organization and participation in conferences and symposiums.
  Every year, about 3,500 students study at the University in full-time and part-time forms, according to higher education programs! including from India, China, Kazakhstan and other countries.

   Foreign citizens who do not speak Russian and who are enrolled in an educational program with English-language support are accepted for the Starting/Starting direction. Disciplines: Russian as a foreign language (446 hours) - the duration of training is 0.5 years.

   Since October 2012, Tyumen state University has been participating in the international educational project Tempus, which is funded by the European Union.

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