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KIROV State Medical University

Entrance exams 2020

The admission campaign will start on June 20, 2020 and will last until October 15, 2020. Entrance tests for foreigners: chemistry and biology. The passing score

Chemistry is 40 points,

Biology 45 points

    MAIN international activities of Kirov state medical University:

- Improving the University's ranking in the higher education system of the Russian Federation, and its further integration into the international system of education and cooperation of medical universities, faculties and medical centers.

- Participation in long-term bilateral international programs

- Organization of international conferences and seminars

- Internships of research and teaching staff and students of Kirov state University abroad

- Internships of foreign students and residents at the bases of Kirov state medical University

- Joint medical and diagnostic consultations

- Joint research activities

- Creation of joint information banks

- Registration of invitations, registration and control over the arrival and stay of foreign students in Kirov

- Monitoring the compliance of students at the University with the passport and visa requirements

- Cross-cultural communication

    IN 2018, 5 teachers from the NPR of Kirov state University participated in the educational process of foreign educational institutions in Belarus, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Austria, and India.

    14 foreign teachers from educational institutions of the USA, great Britain, Finland, Israel, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, LPR, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and Kazakhstan participated in the educational process of Kirov state University.

Students of Kirov state University pass international internships in 9 countries: Belarus, Serbia, Poland, Morocco, Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Thailand, Macedonia.
    THE University trains foreign students from 20 countries (Vietnam, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Egypt, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, ivory coast, Moldova, Ukraine).

From the 3rd year, after passing the test, it is possible to work as a junior medical staff.

Nonresident students of Kirov state University live in 3 comfortable dormitories. In the near future, the construction of a new 15-storey building of the hostel will be completed.

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